Best Makeup Tips Guide And Get Young And Glowing Look

 Best Makeup Tips Guide And Get Young And Glowing Look :- Makeup plays an important role in making face beautiful and attractive. But to do makeup is not easy for everyone, because makeup should be accurate not over and not less. So we are going to tell you some easy tricks for perfect make up.

During applying Makeup, use all that tools that you need to do perfect makeup. The right makeup is that which helps to enhance your beauty in a special way.

There are some tips that you should keep in your mind before applying makeup –

Makeup Guide

• Makeup is the best way to bring glow to your skin because by doing makeup , skin becomes clean and hydrated. Due to which skin glows beautifully.

•If you use foundation, concealer and eyeliner less, then it will be better.

•The products you are using for makeup should be of good quality and branded. The best product you
use, you will get best results also.

•If you want makeup just like parlour then your makeup brush should be branded.

•One thing you should keep in your mind that morning makeup and night makeup are absolutely

•If you are doing Heavy makeup on your eyes then do not apply dark lipstick. And if your applying dark


lipstick then do light eye makeup –

For using makeup, here we are giving you basic information that will be useful for your skin, so here are 5 steps:

Step 1: Firstly, wash your face and apply foundation.

Step2: After that , do eyebrow and eye makeup.

Step3: Do face countering and highlighting.

Step4: Apply lipstick.

Step5: Use perfume.

How to apply makeup step by step for beginners (Basic makeup steps)

How to use foundation on face –

To bring perfect glow on the face, base is very important. So you use foundation as a base.
Important thing that you should use in first step –

• Facewash

• Serum or moisturizer





•Compact powder

We should do makeup only on clean face. So, whenever you are doing makeup, first clean your face with Facewash.

After washing your face, Pat your face slowly and apply moisturizer or serum on your face and neck.
These two things help to hydrate skin but serum act better because it has capacity to penetrate inside
the skin..

After that use sunscreen lotion. During applying sunscreen , one thing keep in mind that apply by putting on skin instead of running.

After that, apply primer. The advantage of apply face primer is that it gives fresh look to your skin. And also it hides wrinkles and small lines. The foundation that you are using that should match to your skin tone. More dark or more light can ruin your complexion. And also it should be properly blend. So that glow will look natural. The right way to apply foundation on face that by applying dots on face and to spread on the face use sponge. In this way you will get perfect finishing. Concealer should be same to your skin tone. It helps to hide dark circles.

Second step: Eyebrow And Eye makeup

To do perfect makeup, we should go step by step. So in this eyes and eyebrows are also included. So the important things are –

•eyebrow pencil

•eyebrow kit

•eyebrow highlighter

•eyeshadow primer

•eyeshadow kit


•eyelash curler


•false lashes


Those who have broad eyebrows, they can use these thinks to give best look. You can thin your
eyebrows by sitting at home, with the help of thread. You can use eyebrow pencil to give best look.

How to apply makeup step by step like a professional (day makeup step by step)

Eye makeup –

By applying smooth base, start your eye makeup. To make your eyes look big and beautiful use
eyeshadow or maskara. If your eyeshadow is creamy then apply with sponge and if you are using
powder eyeshadow then apply with brush. First apply from inner corner to outer side. You should apply eyeliner on both eyelashes, lower and upper. You can use pencil, liquid liner or gel eyeliner. To curl your lashes, use eyelash curler and then apply kajal to give your eyes look big. If you want make your eyes more attractive then you can use false eyelashes and dark eyeshadow.
Third Step: Face contouring and highlighting After doing face contouring and highlighting, you should move forward to neck, so these are important thing:

•matte shading cream or powder



•fan brush

Contouring and highlighting helps to increase cheekbones and give shape to face and make eyes

Contouring Face:

By applying cream on powder on contouring face, makeup looks perfectly but one thing keep in mind
that it should be properly blend to your entire face. Otherwise instead of giving smooth look, it will give bad look. You can give a better shape to your neck by applying contouring cream so it is important to know that how to use. So firstly apply contour from mid line of forehead till nose and blend it properly.

To give your neck a proper shape , apply from starting of eyebrows to both side of nose and blend it

Highlighting Face To reduce shineness of your face, you can use highlighter. You can use such compact powder which will suit to your face …you can use with big brush.
Blush Blush is an important part of makeup, it gives you natural look. Apply blush just above cheeks. That means start from cheekbones to jawline. You should use regular brush for powder blusher and Kabuki brush for cream blusher. Due to this, colour stays to that place only where you want to highlight.

Makeup tips and tricks for a natural look (makeup tips foundation)

Lip Makeup

Important things that should use in lip makeup:

•lip scrub

•lip balm

•lip mask

•lip primer


•lip gloss

•soft tissue lip scrub


When your lips look black instead of red then you should do scrub exfoliation which helps to remove dry and dead skin. You can exfoliate 2 times in a week. Use Good lip scrub. To make your lips hydrate and moisturize , use lip mask 2 times in a week. With the help of ring finger, apply lip balm of good quality.

After that wait for 1-2 min and apply lip primer. Lip primer gives perfect look to lipstick and allow to stay for long time. If you don’t have lip primer then you can use lip gloss. And to give shape to your lips, use lip liner. After that you can apply lipstick.

Fifth step: Spray

The last step is spray. It gives your makeup a perfect look.


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