Best Simple makeup tips to Protect makeup in the summer

Best Simple makeup tips to Protect makeup in the summer :- During summer season, people like to spend their holidays to beach or waterfall, etc. But due to strong sunlight , face and body becomes down and dark spots occurs. And at such time, it become difficult to hide these dark spots by makeup. Because sweat don’t allow to stay makeup on face. Due to this reason only, many women stop using makeup during summer season. So by keeping such things in mind, we have bring some makeup tips for you. So read this post till the end.

Best makeup for summer heat (summer makeup tips)


summer makeup

Almost every women think about this questions –

•Why you should wear less makeup during summer?

•Why it is important to keep your face hydrated?

•Why it is important to spend less money on makeup?

•What to do from spreading your make up?


1. Use Less Makeup

During summer, our skin looses more sweat and if there is more makeup is there on your face
then it will block your skin pores. So during summer, don’t use more makeup. If necessary then
use only tinted moisturizer and little concealer.

2. Don’t Forget To Use Moisturizer

Mostly people stop using moisturizer as summer starts, but this is wrong. Due to heat , body becomes
dehydrated and it impact on your body. So it is necessary to moisturize your skin. Beauty specialist also recommend oil free moisturizer to prevent from pimples.

3. Don’t Forget To Use Sunscreen

In summer, to keep your skin moisturize, it is also important to protect your skin from sunrays. So the
best option is sunscreen for your skin. Harmful Ray’s of light damage your skin. If you want your skin glowing then use sunscreen when you go out.

4. Use Water Proof Makeup Product

Always try to use Water proof makeup product in summer. Because these products does not spread due to sweat. So for long time make up will stay at your skin.

5. Buy Mini Size Product

You can use mini size product everywhere easily like in office or during travelling. And you can carry this type of product anywhere.

6. Use Good Primer

In summer, without primer your make up is incomplete, because it’s use will allow your make up to stay at your skin for long time and keep skin soft.

7. Glam With Bronzer

If you use Bronzer properly then it helps to look your skin glowing. It helps to hide dark spots, marks of the face and brings glow on face. Bronzer should be used on high point of the face where sunlight
directly falls such as forehead, chin, nose etc


8. Use Bright Colours

In summer bright color make your face beautiful and glowing. It brings glow fast so it is best to use in summer. You can choose from bright eyeshadow or bold lip color to peach blush according your mood.

9. Choose Right Shades

In summer, light color looks pretty. So to make your lips pretty, use matte lipstick. Use dark color lipstick in night.

10. Remove mark of lips

To keep your lips pretty, instead of lip balm use lipstick because it is rich in formulation. It keeps lips

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11. Keep Yourself Away From Shimmer

In summer, glow makeup look are liked by everyone. But there is difference between natural glow and making glow by shimmer. Don’t use much foundation and cream because it provides more sweat to face due to that makeup removes fastly.

12. Accept Davy Makeup

If your makeup looks very shimmery then to remove little makeup use, blotting paper . It will reduce
shine and provide glow to face.


13. Eyeshadow For Long Time On Face

If you want to keep your eyeshadow for long time then use good eye primer. It helps to look your
eyeshadow attractive. And to get best look, apply layer of powder on creamy eyeshadow.

14. Do Not Use Powder Blush

Powder Blush is good ,but not for summer season. Because it makes your face dry and your face lose it’s glow. So beauty expets recommend that instead of powder Blush, use cream blush. It helps to stay glow on your face for long time.

15. Use Setting Spray Before Makeup

Before using makeup, you must use setting spray . Apply on your face and neck, after applying it, sweat will remove from your face and neck and it also prevent sweat . After spraying only, apply your makeup.


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