How to simple hairstyle and Hair removal Sugaring

How to simple hairstyle and Hair removal Sugaring

How to simple hairstyle and Hair removal Sugaring: Ultra-simple to make, this hairstyle promises to be one of the essential trends of this spring. Discover it in pictures.

The haircut trends of spring-summer 2020 are gradually emerging and starting to appear on the stars’ hair. We find a lot of long squares , wavy waves, shaded hair colors but also short squares and mullet cuts revisited . And in terms of hairstyle, a trend seems to stand out from the others and looks like being an essential look of spring 2020 .

The return of small braids

How to simple hairstyle and Hair removal Sugaring This ultra-cute hairstyle trend consists of making two small braids on the locks of the face . A look that is both bohemian and romantic that fits perfectly with spring trends. The star asif ansari, on vacation in the Bahamas, notably posted a photo of this hairstyle on her social networks. And to perfect her beach look, the young woman chose to accessorize her braids with little golden hair jewelry .

How to achieve this look?

For a successful effect, the braids must be very fine, very regular and not too tight . They can be attached using a transparent elastic , for a very discreet effect. Like asif ansari, you can also use a gold jewel to cover the elastic and give an even more sophisticated look to the hairstyle. Wear it with wavy waves and loose hair for a perfectly successful bohemian chic effect! How to amazing hairstyle and Hair removal Sugaring

 Shy’m: bangs and straightened hair, this cut that really changes it

How to simple hairstyle and Hair removal Sugaring: Shy’m published yesterday, Wednesday March 11, a snapshot of her where she appears with a very trendy cut for her role as an actress in the Profiling series .

Closely followed on the famous social network Instagram (785k followers!), Shy’m very regularly shares snapshots of her with sometimes very unusual hairstyles and various and varied make-ups . These frequent changes of look? Shy’m loves to play it! But why ? Formerly shy and sickly (hence the artist name “asifa1699” which means shy in English, and the  from Martinique), the one who is actually called

Tamara Mather likes to metamorphose to hide behind his sometimes very extravagant looks. In terms of color, the interpreter of Si tu m’aimes encore has already given in to the trend of red, platinum blonde, pink … As for cuts, Shy’m has also multiplied the changes: boyish cut , bangs (more or less short), and whatever her looks, she remains splendid! long and very short square . The 34-year-old singer is a real fan of wigs

Shy’m opts for a smooth brushing and bangs

Yesterday, Wednesday March 11, the Queen of Pop and R’n’B posted a snapshot of her on her Instagram account. Loved more than 16,000 times by his community, Shy’m displays on this post a long smooth brown hair and bangs . How to simple hairstyle and Hair removal Sugaring

Me tomorrow at 12 noon trying to have fun while keeping an eye on Instagram” she wrote in “Franglais” (mixture of French and English), as a description. Translation: “Me, tomorrow at 12 noon trying to entertain myself by keeping an eye on Instagram”. Because yes, as we know: Shy’m will be back on the screens for his role as an actress in the profiling series , How to simple hairstyle and Hair removal Sugaring

broadcast this evening on TF1 at 9:05 pm. For the occasion, the interpreter of And then has chosen a look that will delight him! “Beauty, look forward to seeing you”, “You are a far too good actress, I am proud”, “You will be perfect” can be read in the comments. His fans love it, and you, what do you think?

Hair removal Sugaring method natural economical easy to do at home?

Razor, depilatory cream, cold wax … There are many ways to get rid of hair considered unsightly. Discover one effective and economical: Sugaring! How to simple hairstyle and Hair removal Sugaring

Hair removal: “Sugaring”, a natural and delicious technique

Do you want to change your hair removal routine as summer approaches? Exit the razor that promises thicker regrowth, cold wax or depilatory cream : try Sugaring . This natural and very effective technique comes straight from Ancient Egypt and the eastern countries. It is an oriental wax made from sugar . It is very easy to make at home since it is enough to mix sugar, water and lemon in a saucepan over low heat to form a paste. Once the latter has cooled a little (it must be lukewarm), you can move on to hair removal by itself.

“Sugaring” hair removal: how to wax with sugar?

Apply it in the direction of hair growth, leave it on and tear off the strip in the opposite direction to hair growth. That’s it ! This way of depicting promises slower regrowth and optimal efficiency, even on very short hair because the sticky paste catches the hair follicle. Small bonus: this homemade wax is perfect if you have skin prone to inflammation or very sensitive to chemicals that may be contained in commercial products. How to simple hairstyle and Hair removal Sugaring

Hair removal: which method is ideal for me?

If Sugaring is an effective, natural and economical method, there are many other techniques that can also suit you. The coziest will not be tempted by Sugaring, this is why they can turn to the razor or the depilatory cream. If these methods are painless, their results are also more ephemeral. Then, some prefer to go to an institute to be supervised by an expert to be reassured . Others opt for the electric depilatory or for cold wax strips : two very practical techniques since they can be performed everywhere, even when traveling. And you, what is your preferred method of hair removal ? How to simple hairstyle and Hair removal Sugaring

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