Absolutely Avoid these mistakes to make your nails beautiful

Absolutely Avoid these mistakes to make your nails beautiful :- Nowadays, women are more aware in order to maintain their beauty. So, they use various cosmetic products,

try home remedies and goes to parlour. But the shocking thing is women look mainly on their face. So they don’t care about their hands with respect to face. This is the reason some women are unable to maintain their nails and due to which their nail paint don’t look impressive, as they expect. So today I m gonna tell you what mistakes women do during applying nail paint.

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make your nails beautiful

1. Not applying base coat before applying nail paint

Mostly women apply nail paint on their nails directly, and after some time nail paint starts removing. If you apply base coat before nail polish then it will protect both your nails and nail polish. Actually, because of base coat, a layer is form between nails and nail polish, so that nails do not cause harm to nail polish.

make your nails beautiful

Base coat prevents your nails from scars of nail polish and removal of upper layer of nails and also
provide smooth texture. So due to this your nail polish look more shiny. And if you have a habbit of
changing nail polish many times, then stop it now itself , because during removing nail polish by
remover, upper layer of nails also get off, and due to which natural glow of nails stops.


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2. Do not lie on bed immediately after applying nail polish

After applying nail polish, some women thinks that it dries only in 5 mins and they go to bath, but nails do not dry completely in 5 mins. Immediately after applying nail paint , going to bath is a risk of
removing it, that’s why you should apply nail polish after bath.

And if you feel sleepy after applying nail polish, then do not go to bed because due to this, nail polish
will stick to your bedsheet and your nails will become dull.


3. Do not go for kitchen work after applying nail polish

After applying nail polish , many women go for normal kitchen work like cutting vegetables, washing
utensils, making food, etc. If you have applied nail polish, then avoid to put it in water, and do not wash clothes. And if washing clothes are important,

then apply nail polish after washing because layer of nail polish will get soft and starts removing because of soap and water. And don’t apply nail polish in hurry. Many times, women apply nail polish just before going to function or party and because of hurry, nail  paint won’t dry completely and to sticks to either clothes or things. So it will better to apply nail polish when you are free and have time to dries it off completely.

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make your nails beautiful

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