Mono diet for weight loss in 3 days

Mono diet for weight loss in 3 days

Mono diet for weight loss in 3 days, can be handled with the help of women of any age, because if all the recommendations are followed, it will not harm the body.

The only negative – the diet is not suited for young girls who need to lose 5-7kg because you can’t keep up with it constantly.

Also, such a food system should be avoided by women suffering from chronic diseases. for Mono diet for weight loss in 3 days


Mono diet for weight loss in 3 days: Protein – a product actively used by athletes and bodybuilders   at a time called “drying”. For several days this product removes excess water from the body and helps to emphasize the relief of muscles.

Lovers of protein foods in the process of losing weight eat dairy products, seafood, meat and fish. But it has to be abandoned with vegetables and fresh fruit.

Note!   Protonic Mono diet for weight loss in 3 days is not for 3 days, but it is possible to stick for up to 10 days because the body suffers from a lack of calories from such a diet. But it is strongly advised to reject drowsiness and weakness from such a diet.


The most prevalent protein is the Mono-Diet, which makes it easy to feel and not feel the constant feeling of hunger.


Breakfast: You can eat 2 boiled eggs and drink a glass of green tea without sugar. At the second breakfast, it is recommended to eat 200g of low-fat cottage cheese. Mono diet for weight loss in 3 days

Mono diet for weight loss in 3 daysMeals: Eating a small slice of seafood salad and grilled chicken is a great option.


Breakfast includes 2 eggs and a glass of green tea. And the second breakfast – 100g soft low-fat cheese.

Dinner: seafood salad and a piece of chicken breast.

And for dinner, try a small piece of cooked beef.


For breakfast, eat a slice of cheese with green tea. The second breakfast consists of 2 eggs and several poached shrimp.

Lunch: A pack of low-fat cottage cheese.

And for dinner – a glass of Mono diet for weight loss in 3 days.

Any “Mono-Diet 3 Days: Minus 5kg” excludes the use of coffee and alcoholic beverages altogether.


The effectiveness of a rigorous 3-day mono-diet known as “minus 5 kg” has long been proven.

Here’s how certain types of fruits work in the body:

  1. Peaches and nectarines contain large amounts of iron that help to boost the immune system and restore its protective function. Iron is indispensable for people with high blood pressure and people suffering from high cholesterol.
  2. Citrus– Their main active ingredient is ascorbic acid, which is known to fight the negative effects of the environment and is a powerful natural antioxidant.
  3. Dried fruits complete the body’s calcium and improve the condition of hair, epidermis and nails.
  4. Fruits are very important in the process of losing weight, to regulate nervous system activity and relieve stress.
  5. Bananas – their main property is the activation of brain activity.

In addition, there is a lot of water in any kind of fruit which helps to cleanse the body and increase the weight loss process.


A 3-day diet based on using only one type of fruit can help you achieve the best results. Mono diet for weight loss in 3 days

Your choice for weight loss – 3 days for a “minus 5kg” Mono diet for weight loss in 3 days – you should eat several times a day, but in small portions.

Keeping it for 3 days is not strongly recommended, as such an appetite adversely affects health.

Despite the fact that this diet can be difficult to follow, the body does not suffer because it is saturated with all the essential ingredients.

If you do not hold back and break the rules, you can get rid of 4kg in 3 days.

Experts say that if you choose any fruit, you should not consume more than 2 kg per day.

The most popular one-pack foods are based on the following products:

If it is difficult to hold on to a product for 3 days, a “minus 5kg” mono-diet can be slightly changed using different types of fruit every day.


Nutritionists frequently ask the question: Which Mono-Diet would you choose to throw off extra pounds?

According to most experts, the most effective foods are based on:

When complying with any mono diates, you must follow the following rules:

  • It is recommended to start on fasting days, for easy transfer of a similar diet;
  • Drink at least 2 liters of distilled water a day;
  • If you have to eat several times a day, portions should be small enough;
  • Even if the product is chosen incorrectly, the food should not be interrupted.

Pay attention!   Experts say such foods are not a good choice for people suffering from kidney and liver diseases.


This diet is so heavy that after its completion, many women break down, and as a result, the body gains even more weight and the weight returns to its original location.Mono diet for weight loss in 3 days

To avoid such problems, you need to know how to exit mono diatse :

  • Every day in the diet needs to add a new kind of food;
  • It is recommended to eat 6 times a day in small portions;
  • You should drink plenty of water: avoiding overeating helps;
  • Vegetables should be included in the diet – it is desirable if they are cooked or cooked;
  • You cannot severely abandon products based on mono foods;
  • Fermented milk products should not be abandoned because they help to normalize digestion and regulate metabolic processes.

The conversion to normal power supply should take about 2 weeks.


Mono diet for weight loss in 3 days If you choose the right product that suits the body best, and stays on the diet for 3 days, the result will be positive.

Most of the girls at this time, from 3 to 5 to 5 kg, should not make a big effort and not starve.

Mono diet for weight loss in 3 daysAnd if you run out of food from the competition then stick with proper nutrition , there is no doubt that the extra kg will not return.

Mono-food is considered one of the most effective ways to lose it today, but safe.

Doctors have proven to be very beneficial to carry out long fasting days, as they remove toxins and toxins and normalize digestion.

However, before choosing a Mono diet for weight loss in 3 days, and sitting on it, it is recommended to consult a doctor in order to get rid of the complications of chronic diseases and not trigger vitamin deficiency.

From this video you will learn the principles of Mono-Diet for 3 days to “minus 5kg” and what products it contains.

This video will tell you which foods you can eat with the Express diet to lose weight.

Everyone chooses food, guided not only by the set of products but also by its duration. There are foods for those who want to lose weight at no extra cost, quickly and especially without fatigue, and laziness. How to lose weight in a week?

Alas, we all know very well that nothing is free in this world. So, sleeping with a sandwich on the couch will not cause you to lose weight. You still have to get up and take care of yourself. Most foods for laziness, unlike other foods, are designed to be short-lived, so you don’t “break” with them until you reach a cherished goal. Every food menu for laziness includes a lot of affordable products that take the least amount of time to prepare the dishes, and what you actually get – minus a few kilograms, plus lightness and amazing mood.

Often unplanned trips to cafs, difficult work schedules, lack of time, overeating, laziness, unwillingness to change lifestyle, and a person capturing his own body to make adjustments to a normal diet. Unfortunately, food is the main source of happiness, given the fact that not everyone can afford “happiness” in their lives alone. At the same time, if time does not try to shed extra pounds, overweight poses a risk of obesity and health, body shape.

In such cases, the real salvation of man is specially designed for food for the lazy, which allows you to lose weight and reduce body weight. In addition, they serve the body’s best preparation before it manages the weight of eight to twelve weekly protein weight loss, according to Mono diet for weight loss in 3 days.

Lazy diets are also suitable for stabilizing and maintaining the results achieved with the help of Kremlin, watermelon, cucumber-Mono diet for weight loss in 3 days, nutrition programs. Their main advantages are that they do not require significant investment in the purchase of “special” products and changes in the normal life schedule for the manufacture of “special” products.


In this case, the diet helps 5 kg a week lazily. The essence is simple: for seven days, you should skip dinner. Absolutely. The last meal does not occur until after four o’clock in the afternoon. In fact, it is necessary to be confused by preparing lunch and breakfast. For example, the menu might look like this:

The first day

  • Breakfast: Grilled Fish – 50g, lettuce leaves with some olive oil, link, 1% fat, 250ml;
  • Lunch: poached egg, 2 slices of whole grain bread, turkey meat or chicken fillet – 90 g.

The second day

  • Breakfast: celery without restriction, 80g of baked wheel, one baked potato + one, baked carrots, green tea unsweetened;
  • Dinner: 1 glass of low-fat yogurt, 100g of low-fat cottage cheese, oatmeal over water, five dates.

The third day

  • Breakfast: unsalted chicken broth – 250ml, 3 cups of bread, steamed chicken breast – 50g;
  • Dinner: Rye bread – 2 slices, baked veal – 50g, spinach, apple and orange without restriction.

The fourth day

  • Breakfast: Baked bean, 1% fat link– 250 ml, tomato salad with olive oil;
  • Dinner: freshly squeezed juice from grilled rice, citrus fruit – 250ml, yogurt with raisins – 100g, grapefruit and kiwi.

The fifth day

  • Breakfast: Grilled beef – 60g, one egg + one cucumber and two bell peppers;
  • Steamed chicken breast, baked potato, apple and orange, 2 walnuts, dried apricots – 3 pcs.

The sixth day

  • Breakfast: Chicken broth without salt – 100 ml, steamed red fish – green peas (3 tablespoons), 100 g with rye bread – 1 slice, 1 teaspoon green tea. Honey;
  • Meals: Leaves with tomatoes dressed with grilled brown rice, lettuce lemon juice and sesame seeds; For dessert, one hour after eating: skimmed milk, kiwi and banana.

The seventh day

  • Breakfast: Chicken Breast – 60g, bean plate, a Bulgarian pepper + low-fat cottage cheese (2 st. L.)., Black tea with honey spoon, dried raisins for sweetness;
  • Dinner: Cooked lentils, cooked beef – 100g, low-fat yogurt without additives (1 cup 125g), almonds (30g).


Mono diet for weight loss in 3 daysBy following this seven-day diet, you can eat meat, potatoes, dairy products, fruits and drink mineral water, which is strictly forbidden in many other foods. All other products except the above are strictly prohibited. Forbidden and salted. Partially supplied with nutrition, this will help you get rid of hunger, as well as help normalize metabolism.

The food menu is described in detail, and you should follow it strictly. Divide the proposed amount of food into 5-6 receptions.

  • First day: 400 g of baked or baked potato, 500 ml of low-fat buy link.
  • Second day: 400g low-fat cottage cheese and 500ml low-fat yogurt.
  • Third day: 400 g of any fruit (excluding bananas and grapes), 500 ml of low-fat buy link.
  • Fourth day: 400 g of cooked chicken breast, 500 ml of low-fat buy link.
  • Fifth day: 400 g of fruit, 500 ml of low-fat link.
  • Sixth day: 1.5 liters of mineral water (non-carbonated dining room).
  • Seventh Day: 400g of fruit and 500ml of low-fat link

Rushing foods on forbidden foods should not be happy immediately, otherwise it will return weight. Balanced Balanced Diet   – Your Choice.


There is another version of the diet for laziness, but this time it allows you to lose 5kg in a week! Such a diet can be used as an independent way to lose weight, as a pre-workout for weight loss on a large scale, allowing for weight stabilization, correcting an already obtained result, and combining it with other types of weight loss.

You can lose 5 kg or two kg 12 kg a week, you just don’t follow the simple rules, but you don’t overeat. The essence of this diet is paradoxically simple: you should drink two glasses of water before any meal. Obviously before every meal, it’s two glasses and always fresh water! After 15 minutes, you can start eating, and do everything you want. But, not in the process of eating, Or you can drink absolutely no liquid after two hours. Here, perhaps, all:

  1. Take 2 glasses of water 15 minutes before a meal!
  2. Do not drink at lunch time and after another 2 hours!

After two hours, you can safely drink your favorite coffee or tea, but without a bath, cake or sandwich. Remember this simple diet for weight loss and follow this with a retreat:

  1. Drink breakfast 2 glasses of water. Eat breakfast without having to eat food and drink liquid for a few hours after you eat it.
  2. Drink 2 glasses of water. Make a meal, without any restrictions on the menu, without washing food and consuming liquid for a few hours after eating.
  3. Dinner Now you can limit yourself to 1 glass, but if this isn’t a problem for you – drink 2. Supper is what you need, but without drinking food and drinking liquid for a few hours after eating. When you are accustomed to snacks, afternoon snacks – the rule is the same: first water, then food and two hours without one. If the amount of food is too small, you can only drink 1 glass. If you find it difficult to use too much liquid, you can limit yourself to a glass for the first time. When the body is used – go for two.

According to reviews of people who have lost weight with the help of water, they can lose 5-10 kg extra weight in a week. The result varies, because the initial body mass is different.

What is the secret of food in water, if you lose weight on it and not limit food? The secret is simple. Agree if you drink a couple of glasses of water, then it is impossible to eat much because the stomach fills up fast. As a result, each food intake in volume is less than

the previous intake, leaving the satiety feeling unchanged. Whether you like it or not, you fall short of prejudice to your mood, needs and appetite. You are always full, but gradually begin to gain weight. Moreover, water is a very useful product because it improves the biochemical function because it cleanses toxins from the digestive tract with energy, so you feel lightness and energy burns in the body, and it helps you go further and stay away from food.

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