Absolutely Avoid these mistakes to make your nails beautiful

make your nails beautiful

Absolutely Avoid these mistakes to make your nails beautiful :- Nowadays, women are more aware in order to maintain their beauty. So, they use various cosmetic products, try home remedies and goes to parlour. But the shocking thing is women look mainly on their face. So they don’t care about their hands with respect to face. … Read more

Top 6 Best which type of tops will look perfect on which jeans

Top 6 Best which type of tops

 Top 6 Best which type of tops will look perfect on which jeans:- Nowadays, jeans are main part of a wadrobe, because this can wear at anytime. As it is rough- tough and comfortable. So we can call jeans as second skin. Nowadays, many type of jeans are available such as skinny, straight cut, high waist, etc and we buy it but we get confused which type of top should wear on it .so we are going to solve this problem. We are going to tell you which jeans should wear on which type of top. So you can team up your jins with tops.

High Waist jins – Select Stylish Top to pair with (tops for jins fashion)

1. Cropped Jeans

Crop jins gives playful vibe, so for cute casual look girls can wear with girly t-shirt. You can also

Top 6 Best which type of tops

wear semi formal shirt or silk black tank top . But in this type of jins, you legs will look Short
naturally so you must wear heels like pumps, nude wedges or ankle length boots will also suits


2. Hight Waist Jeans

High waist jins look classy and chick and it is a type of jins which suits on everyone. High
heels with high waist jeans shows your legs longer. It get into many fits and cuts. But you can
also give upscale professional look and casual look with high waist jeans and should wear on
tailored shirt . And yes shirt must be tuck in so that your waist will look perfectly. You can wear
thin belt and sexy high heels with this look.

3. Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jins gives masculine feel so you can use this for tom boy look or girly look. For rough
tough look you can wear with loose crop top, leather biker jacket and ankle length boots. This
jins is perfect for casual date and outing as it is comfortable and chic.

4. Skinny Top, Top 6 Best which type of tops

Since the jins come in trend, from that time only this jins get and almost wardrobe must
have this jeans. You can wear t-shirt, Tank top, delicate party top, shirt on it. For party look,
wear with delicate party top. Wear casual look t-shirt, tank top or shirt with bellrina, wedges or
heels. If your bottom is heavy, then wear such top which cover your hip.

New jins top ( long tops for jins)

5. Straight Fit Jeans

This jins suits on everyone so it can style with skinny jeans. The difference is this jeans suits on
body type. You can wear this on any top but with heels or wedges.


6. Flayered Jeans

This jins give idea for retro look and if your bottom is heavy then this jins is better option for
you. But it doesn’t mean that other people can’t wear. Fitting shirt top will suit with this jins.
jins are flayered from down then do not wear loose top. Do not forget to wear heels on it.
So ladies if your confusion has reduced little then you are ready to get compliments by wearing
stylish and chic jeans.


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