Quentin Tarantino loves Hollywood and the movies he grew up on, which is obvious when you watch any of his films or interviews

The film that screenwriter Joe Banks and faded star Norma Desmond are “working” on doesn’t get that far

The main character in the 1950s-set Hollywood film by the Coen Brothers is not an actor or a director

Chili Palmer is a man with a dream, and that dream is to get out of the crime game and get into making film

 “The Artist” is a novelty in some ways. It’s a silent movie made in 2011 about the silent movie era of Hollywood

 “Hail, Caesar!” and “Barton Fink” are top notch films. “Barton Fink” is particularly scathing, though, and it’s a little less about filmmaking than their latter effort

 Tim Robbins plays a movie executive who kills a screenwriter and tries to cover it up

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