Tax troubles are the downfall of many a performer, and it was no different for the King of Pop when he died in 2009 at the age of 50 from a drug overdose

 Garland struggled with drug addiction, and, after managers embezzled most of her earnings, had to sell her Bel-Air home for far less than its worth

The “Sexual Healing” singer died in 1984 after being shot by his father (ironically, he died April 1, the day before his 45th birthday)

The beloved child star never seemed to stop working, scoring roles in vaudeville, radio, film, television, and theate

“The Candy Man” singer was part of the Rat Pack in the ’60s and died of throat cancer in 1990 at age 64

The child star of “Diff’rent Strokes” successfully sued his parents and managers for misappropriation of funds in 1993

A member of the ’60s supergroup The Supremes, Ballard died at age 32 in 1976 of a coronary blood clot

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