Indiana Jones is one of the iconic characters in movie history full stop, so of course he’s one of Spielberg’s indelible characters

T. Rex of the raptors more than any of the human characters in the “Jurassic Park” series, but they aren’t really characters

Some aliens are scary, while some are friendly and loving. E.T. definitely falls in the latter category

Spielberg is maybe the iconic director of his generation, and Tom Hanks may be the iconic actor. The two have worked together a few times

“Jaws” is about a shark wreaking havoc on a beach community, but the power of the movie is that the human characters don’t get overshadowed

 Frank Abagnale Jr. is a real person. In a film, though, a real person is still a character. Plus, there is definitely a lot of character to Abagnale

David has no last name, but that’s not unreasonable given the circumstances. He’s a robot boy, after all

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