Ondreaz is one of the members of the TikTok collective Hype House and lives in Los Angeles with some of the TikTok stars

Ondreaz Lopez is an American social media star that first rose to fame through the video sharing platform TikTok

Ondreaz is known for his dancing videos on TikTok and has become one of the platform’s most-followed users alongside his brother, Tony

Ondreaz Lopez was born on April 4, 1997 in Las Vegas, Nevada

In high school, the brothers were known for dancing at pep rallies and school functions

The TikTok creator has a few tattoos, including one of the family last name, “Lopez,” on his arm

Ondreaz was accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old fan in 2018 during an event in Las Vegas, where the age of consent is 16 years old

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