popcorn is an easy snack that you can get pre-popped in a packaged bag, scooped up from a machine, or microwaved in the comfort of your own home

It's perfect to munch on at any time of day, and you can easily eat it by the handful without even realizing it

This muscle memory action may not seem like a harmful move, but is there something to be said about overeating popcorn

The dietitians on our medical expert board give their input on the benefits of eating popcorn

"Popcorn can be part of a healthy weight management program as it has fiber and protein (it is a whole grain) and can fill you up on fewer calories

Eating popcorn provides a satisfying crunch, and is also considered a high-volume food. This means you can eat a large portion without consuming too many calories or added fat grams

Goodson's advice is to consider adding herbs and spices to flavor it instead of butter and salt

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