Mandy Rose is an American blogger and social media personality best known for her blog, House of Rose, and her appearance on TLC’s “Behind Closed Doors: The American Family.

Mandy co-founded Marriage More with her husband to try and encourage other married couples to make their marriage their priority

Mandy Rose was born on February 19, 1983 in Illinois, the United States

She graduated with a Master’s in Business Administration and worked for a large health care company for multiple years.

Mandy has more than 35,600  followers on Instagram, 10,800 subscribers on YouTube, and 24,000 followers on Facebook

Mandy quit her full-time corporate job at a health-care company in November 2011 and transitioned to working as a full-time online marketer

Mandy met her husband in college; they were next door neighbors. They married in Las Vegas in 2004

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