Abba took to the Eurovision stage in 1974 in an eclectic range of outfits that included cropped blue flares and silver knee-length boots

Wig Wam, Norway's 2005 representative, had its lead singer dressed in a figure-hugging star spangled jumpsuit

Jamie-Lee Kriewitz, who represented Germany in 2016, performed in a kitschy blue tutu and striped socks combo

UK 2007 representative Scooch wore flight attendant-themed costumes to perform their Eurovision song

InCulto, a band representing Lithuania in 2010, finished their semi-final performance in matching sparkly short shorts

Maneskin, who went on to achieve global fame after winning Eurovision in 2021, wore custom red leather outfits

Finnish metal band Lordi brought shock value to the Eurovision stage by wearing monster-inspired costumes in 2006

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