Veg Recipes Of India l Gourd recipe

Veg Recipes of India

Veg Recipes Of India l Gourd recipe – is so delicious to eating and also good for health. Veg Recipes of India looks very easy to make and also tasty, the majority People use to eat with the paratha. In a time of summer,

people use to cook gourd recipe, much as it’s good to maintain high body temperature and it is good for liver, kidney and for digestion also. In many houses Gourds Recipe cook in variant different styles, but the below gourds recipe we make in very simple and tasty,

the ingredient of gourds recipe are available very easily in stores and supermarket. Veg Recipes of India is also very popular in all states of India and it’s made in different style and also called a Lauki Recipe. It’s very healthy and taste also, it’s different from another same gourd recipe because it can be made by fresher or a bachelor also.


(1st step) Ingredient

Cooking oil 2 Tsp

cumin seeds – 1 tbsp

green chili – 2 nos

Chopped Ginger  (very little ½ inch)


(2nd step) Ingredient

gourd (lauki) – 1 kg

turmeric powder – 1 tbsp

salt to taste

mix masala – 1/4 tbsp


Description : Veg Recipes Of India l Gourd recipe

(1st step)

For start cooking, Gourd Sabji needs to take a nonstick cooking pan. Add 2 Tsp of cooking oil and heat it. Then add cumin seeds, green chili, and chopped ginger. All at once then mix it properly and cook for a minute. Veg Recipes Of India l Gourd recipe

Veg Recipe of India Gourd Recipe


(2nd step)

After (1st step) cook complete then add chopped bottle gourd, turmeric powder, Salt and mix masala. Gourd must mix it properly with above-added ingredient and cook with a closed pan with a medium flame for 20 to 30 minute. If it’s not cooked in its time then more 10 minutes if required make sure about it.

veg recipes of india Gourd Recipe


(3rd step)

Properly cooked after of (2nd step) then open the pan and cook more for a while to stir it. Veg Recipes Of India l Gourd recipe

Veg Recipes Of India l Gourd recipe Gourd Recipe Gourd Recipe

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